Sunday, June 14, 2015

Armadillo Trackers


ISBN: 9781311715548

Jackie has just turned eleven and is looking forward to a fun, adventured filled summer vacation. She and her brother, Levi, plan on spending it competing against each other as they try to outdo the other in earning Armadillo Tracker Plates (think Boy Scout badges.) They didn’t bargain on finding the Reverend’s body floating in the baptismal pool. They even tried their hand at investigating the murder until Jackie is attacked because she has an important clue in her possession. With a promise to their parents to forego any further investigating, they get on with the task of enjoying summer and their sibling rivalry. They and their friends have an action packed, adventured filled summer ahead of them so why be bothered by a piddly little murder. As they put the murder on the back burner and focus on just being kids on summer break they discover that most fun can simply pop-up in unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times. They discover true friendship can help get them through almost anything and that murder clues can appear at the most inopportune times. At least there is the promise that it won’t be a dull summer. While their antics and adventures are foremost in this tale of summer fun there is always the underlying knowledge that a murderer is running amok in Hemlock, Texas and that no one is truly safe until the killer is caught. When Jackie finds the final clue that reveals the identity of the killer it rounds out the most unforgettable summer she can ever hope to have.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Coming Soon

I am currently working on two new books and they will soon be placed on Smashwords. The first one is untitled and Barnyard Ruckus. at the moment. One book is about a spy's work that is filled with adventure, murder, and laughs. The other book is based on a ceramic chicken w/shovel figurine that I purchased at a garage sale and the musings as to just why a chicken figurine would be holding a shovel. I hope you will enjoy these new books and I am currently working hard to get them completed.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Death Drives A Chevy

Death Drives a Chevy

ISBN: 9781311579898

The town gossip has been murdered. No one is in mourning, though suggestions of a parade for the killer have been made. But justice must be sought. So poor Jemma has been suckered, um, asked to investigate. The list of suspects is larger than the town's population. Will Jemma ever manage to separate the nuts from the viable suspects? Your guess is as good as mine.

Jemma chose the town of Mire, Texas as the ideal place to retire. She soon learns that she could have made a better choice. Less than a day after moving there, the town gossip, Mavis, has been murdered. Since the entire town's population are suspects in the murder Jemma has been asked to lead the invesitgation to a murder that no one wants solved. As Jemma learns more about the victim the more she doubts she'll solve the crime due to lack of support from the community. For that matter, Jemma becomes as complacent about the murder as the town residents. The victim wasn't a very nice person. But when a sweet lady and her dog are killed too, she decides the killer must be stopped before they can strike again.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don Coyote

The Second Novel in Cryptozoology Series

ISBN: 9781311232168

 Dr. Seth Herne (Doc) is a well known Cryptozoologist, a hunter of 'hidden creatures.' Jacey is his poor put upon assistant. Don Coyote is a misguided but sensitive soul who wanders across their path one sultry hot day in Tree, Texas. He also crosses the path of a murderer and stumbles upon the victims' bodies. The new sheriff, Jacey's Grandmother, asks them for help in discovering the killer's identity.

Along the way they encounter numerous and interesting residents and possible suspects of the town of Tree. They help the sheriff and end up putting their own lives at risk to stop the murderer and to find the notorious and elusive Jackalope. In the end Jacey learns a very important lesson: you can't judge a nut by its shell.

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Cowabunga Dead

ISBN: 9781301912131

The Third Novel in the Grandfather Mummy Series
Jo, Ava, and Hank Skinner don't take too kindly to someone murdering a popular
television reality star and dumping the body into the moat of the Clankerton Medieval Museum. To top things off, because of the murder, the town mayor shuts down Hank's money making endeavor. This simply won't do. The sooner they find the murderer the sooner Hank can get back to hauling in the dough. Let's face it, if Hank ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, least of all Jo and Ava.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Vision Touch

ISBN #: 9781301087723

To some it's just a pocket watch, to Jade, it's a window to the past. Simply touching the watch enables her to see the history tied to the watch. In this case, the watch is tied to a specific family. This leads her down the path of sorrow, happiness and tragedy. This path also leads her and her friends to a treasure and a murder.

Jade has a gift, whenever she touches something she has visions that transport her back in time. These visions deal with the history of the object that she touches. When her friend, antique dealer, Alma, finds a pocket watch, Jade uses her gift to help find out the history of the object. Jade travels from current times through the Civil War all the way back to the Revolutionary War following the lives and deaths of the family members who have 'touched' the watch and thus imbued it with their memories. While discovering the history of this family they also discover that a treasure was buried and just might still be there. So they embark on a journey to find the treasure but end up getting involved with a local murder and considered possible suspects in the murder. It is up to them to figure out, using Jade's gift, who the true murderer is and to find the treasure.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Accidental Pirate, The Adventures of Captain Pigtail McQueue

ISBN Number: 9781476279428

Captain Pigtail McQueue is not your average everyday pirate. Actually, he was the ship's cook until a hurricane blew the other captain overboard. Captain by default, he manages to save the the great pirate ship, The Flummery, despite the desertion of most of the crew. As the winds die down he discovers the ship has been blown slightly off course. Okay, it was blown off course, big time!

The ship and what's left of the crew find themselves stranded in West Texas. With the help of a wagon master and his daughter they seek out the Wind Hag in hopes she will send them back to the Gulf. When she refuses, Pigtail does the only thing a pirate in his position can do - he seeks revenge on the Wind Hag. That means becoming land pirates and going after the Wind Hag's power sources. The crew must overcome obstacles, booby traps and legions of creatures loyal to the Wind Hag in order to gain control over the power sources. This endeavor leads to some seriously humorous situations and exciting twists and turns. Join the crew as they try to outwit the all powerful Wind Hag.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Grandfather Is One Heck Of A Mummy

ISBN: 978-1-4524-0590-2

It isn’t easy being a murder victim. Most particularly if the murder part didn’t take. Then to add insult to injury, you end up being stuffed into a trunk for some seventy odd years in an extremely arid climate which causes your body to mummify. But this is exactly what happened to Hank Skinner. Now a shriveled shadow of his former manly self, but much to his relief, still very much a man, Hank is discovered in the attic of his wife’s house by his granddaughter, Jo. As it turns out, his wife, May, had tried to kill him when she caught him in bed with another woman. She did however succeed in killing his well endowed bank robbing mistress, Clash, and stuffing her remains in another trunk in the attic.

The discovery of her granddad’s mummified - yet living - remains doesn’t help Jo’s mental state too terribly much. She’s already dealing with turning forty, she doesn’t need her long- thought- fugitive grandfather to suddenly reappear, most particularly in a mummified state. It also doesn’t help that he keeps hitting on her, not really believing she‘s his granddaughter. The one good thing that does come from her discovery is that it proves her granddad didn’t help Clash rob the bank. But if Clash was killed right after robbing the bank then just where is the money? It’s not in the attic, so where could Clash have hidden it? It’s this very search that leads Jo, Hank, Ava (Jo's Mother) and her sister Faye, on a rather humorous and mind-boggling adventure.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mace Of Spades

                                   ISBN: 978-1-4580-6046-4

Mace Of Spades - In the second installment of the Grandfather Mummy Series, Jo and Ava Skinner are now the owners of a Bed and Breakfast Inn, established in Jo's Grandmother's homestead. Things are running smoothly until a Consortium Man comes to town wanting to buy the Inn for a new health spa ranch. They hope to exploit the fact that Jo's granddad, Hank, was mummified and lives to tell about. With the notion that the arid climate helps life's longevity they hope to make a killing. Unfortunately for the consortium, Jo's not selling.

The Consortium Man then targets Jo's superstitious and cantankerous neighbor, Edna Clankerton's, land. Which suits Jo just fine. It may stop Edna from her bi-weekly tirades about the Inn's guest's invading her territory and opening up her borders to demons and hell hounds. When Edna is found dead, killed by an antique medieval mace, Jo is the first and apparently the only suspect, due to a rather loud and well witnessed argument with the victim that very day. It's up the Jo, Hank, and Ava to find the true culprit. But that's a lot easier said then done. Most particularly since Edna was not well liked in town. There may be too many possible murderers. This leads the three sleuths in a character filled humorous chase to catch the real killer and clear Jo's name.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kamikaze Pigs

ISBN 978-1-4659-8093-9

Cryptozoologist Dr. Seth Herne is dismayed. Have the flying feral pigs gone Kamikaze? It appears so when Doc and his loyal assistant, Jacey, discover a body in the middle of a rural road near Tree, Texas. The road is littered with various pig parts scattered here and there thus giving the impression of a Kamikaze pig. But Doc can't be bothered by a murder, he has a giant horny toad to find. If he accomplishes this task then he will go down in history as the greatest cryptozoologist ever. A thought he finds rather amusing.

But the murderer thinks Doc and Jacey know more than they let on about the dead body. So an attempt to squash them doesn't deter them from their quest. Doc just hopes the flying feral pigs will protect them from this maniac and lead him to the ever elusive giant horny toad. Yeah, right, when pigs fly! Oh, wait a second...

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

About the Author

J.A. Sprouls lives in the beautiful and rather flat Rollin' Plains of West Texas. As a former antique dealer whose business tanked along with the rest of the country's economy she had to go out and get a real job. Writing, for her, has become a way to wind down after a long days work and escape reality for just a short while. My Grandfather Is One Heck Of A Mummy is the first in what will hopefully be a successful cozy mystery series. The second novel in the series, Mace Of Spades, with Cowabunga Dead as the third in the series. Another series that she has written is the Cryptozoology Series with two current books: Kamikaze Pigs and Don Coyote. She has even tried writing a youth novel titled: An Accidental Pirate, The Adventures of Captain Pigtail McQueue. She has also written two non-series books: A Vision Touch and Death Drives a Chevy. She is currently working on her next novel and should soon be finished.She enjoys writing cozy mysteries with a humorous touch and hopes her readers enjoy reading them as much as she has enjoyed writing them.