Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don Coyote

The Second Novel in Cryptozoology Series

ISBN: 9781311232168

 Dr. Seth Herne (Doc) is a well known Cryptozoologist, a hunter of 'hidden creatures.' Jacey is his poor put upon assistant. Don Coyote is a misguided but sensitive soul who wanders across their path one sultry hot day in Tree, Texas. He also crosses the path of a murderer and stumbles upon the victims' bodies. The new sheriff, Jacey's Grandmother, asks them for help in discovering the killer's identity.

Along the way they encounter numerous and interesting residents and possible suspects of the town of Tree. They help the sheriff and end up putting their own lives at risk to stop the murderer and to find the notorious and elusive Jackalope. In the end Jacey learns a very important lesson: you can't judge a nut by its shell.

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  1. Hi J.A.,

    I noticed your book, Don Coyote. It looks like a genre we might be interested in. Do you have a copy we can read? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Julie Vo
    Author Talent Scout
    California Times Publishing, Los Angeles